Havin' an Apple

It's been like 4 years... oh yeah, it's been that long since I last saw Apple when she used to play at the BATS bar in Pudong Shangri-La Hotel with her ex-band, Hotshots. She settled down after that and had the cutest half-Dutch half-Filipino baby girl. She and Robert named her Britney Kuipers. I am one of Brit's godmothers. Eventhough I haven't met my goddaughter in real flesh, I have always kept in touch with Apple and try to give some pressies whenever possible.

Yesterday I got a call from Apple. She was in Qingdao with her husband but only for a day! And damn, it was our off day! So we just met up at Club New York at 11PM after visiting our Filipino friends. There's also a Filipino live band at Club NY and they were really good. Apple and I talked, giggled and laughed for couple of hours. Also, the band asked me to jam with them. Of course, the infamous hips didn't lie again!

It was great to see her again although we kept in touch on the internet. She's one of my avid blog readers and photo viewers. I wonder if she's read the other pages on my website. Well like you, you'd go straight to blog & pics, too, right? LOL.

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