Here we go again! We're moving again - for the better. Because of the renovation going on in the apartment above us, we weren't able to take some good rest since Saturday. They would begin drilling & banging just above us at around 8AM. Yeah, it's a normal time for them. And for other people, too.

The hotel took our complaints seriously, thank God! Now they're thinking of moving us to the Building 3 of Eldo Gardens, we are currently in Building 5. Hopefully, we'll be able to move by tomorrow so we can have a good night's sleep. I'm doing a bit of a packing now. I don't need to pack everything neatly. And when did I ever pack neatly? It's more like throw-it-in kind of packing. Thanks to Shangri-La KL who has sent us packing most of the time during our last contract there. At least, we're no novice to packing! LOL

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