Drillin' & bangin'

After the renovation of the shop just below our apartment which we have endured for the whole month of April, we are once again having disturbed sleeps because of the renovation of the unit above us. Worse, above our bedroom! You won't believe how noisy it can be. Every time they's drill something on the floor, I felt like our ceiling is gonna collapse! Terrible!

And the worst case is seen inside our bedroom's toilet. Because of the drilling & banging in the bedroom's toilet upstairs, they must have bore a hole in the pipes that caused it to leak. And where else would it leak? It wouldn't leak upwards for sure! And you know what? The water dripping down is yellow in color and it's really stinky. As stinky as urine. Oh wait, it is really URINE! So our toilet smells like a public toilet in China. You know what I mean.

We have complained to the management of the hotel and they're working out something for us. Since the renovation will take place during the next 38 more days, they are thinking of moving us to another apartment or hopefully, they will be kind enough to move us into the hotel. We can't afford to have lack of sleep because our voices and bodies are our only instruments. And there's no spare parts or even a repair center we can go to when it fails us in our job. Only much deserved rest will help. Yeah, only that.

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