Cyber battle

I am launching my brand new domain soon, and if you're part of my mailing list and are here because of the link provided on the mail I sent you, I might have already launched my new domain.

My former domain expired last March. It has been my "home" for over 6 years and the email I created was my main & primary address I'd give out to everyone. Can you imagine how it feels to be thrown out of your "home" because they thought you're not the owner?

Ok, here's the story. 6 years ago, a friend of mine gave that domain to me as a present. That means, he registered it for me through Namezero. After a few years, Namezero sent an important message stating about my account being transferred to Network Solutions. I disregarded it thinking that they will transfer my account, and since my domain has never failed me (except for opening it from China) I figured out it's okay. Expiration came too quickly after 6 years or should I say, time flew so fast. They sent me a mail to renew my domain services. But since they have a poor service in my opinion and I'm not happy with it, I decided NOT to renew. Instead, I was planning to transfer my domain to another domain service provider.

But no! When my domain expired and told them that I don't want to renew but instead transfer my domain, they were so wise to hang me upside down on a bait. Network Solutions said that I need to renew my services of $35/year if I want to transfer my domain. Hell no! Why would I pay that much amount just for me to transfer my domain? But I thought about it for quite some time. I've invested so much time and effort in promoting my website and I'm using my email account with them for really important mails. So I was convinced.

They were helping me through the process of renewal & transfer through phone, fax & email. Everything was going smooth and fine till they asked for any government issued identification. I faxed them my passport copy, only to be rejected! They think I'm just a fraud and wanted to claim because... because! The information on their computer somehow conflicts my identification. Of course!!! My friend was the one who registered it for me and just put Sarita C. as my name, used his address in Canada which I know nothing about. It surely was a huge conflict!

Since there's a slight chance left to renew my domain, I have beaten my brains out and realized that I can't be on a long hiatus. It's like being kidnapped and hidden and thrown in a jungle like in the TV where nobody can find you. It's like going to a foreign country without any identification or passport with you. It's totally... actually I've got no word for it! LOL

So I've decided to register a new domain with 1and1 that makes sense and easy to remember - WWW.SARITAONLINE.COM - that points out to my old site. It's pretty much the same old thing, let's just say, it just had a cosmetic surgery for a longer... nose or chin or... what else could be long? Uh-oh, no, I'm not going 'down' there! LOL.

Please update your bookmarks for!!!

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