Dead comes alive

I can't believe the phenomenon I have experienced today!

Dead comes alive. As in revived to life again! Really!

I'm talking about my external dead hard drive which has let my hopes down for weeks now. I have an 120 gigabyte IDE disk in a USB box to make it an external hard drive. I have used it for years now, maybe 2-3 years. So basically, I have most of the important backups inside. And when I say important backups I'm talking about invaluable pieces of memories: photos, videos and audio files. Yeah, they're pretty important to me next to my website. Ridiculous huh! Ok, laugh! :-)

Two weeks ago, it just stopped being detected on my laptop. It has stopped spinning or doing any activities which means the bad cyber omen - death of a hard drive. It shattered a quarter of my brain. Yesterday, Marl was sympathizing with me and offered his advice based on what he has read. So since I know he's as tech-savvy as I am, I trusted him. I handed my dead hard disk to him, then... OH MY GOD!!! He threw it upwards behind him causing it to bang against the wall and land on the floor. "Are you insane?", I asked him. He laughed and told me to try to connect it again and see if it's working. Giving him a sharp look, I hooked the cables and secured it in its USB box. Nothing. Still no activity.

He then told me to put it in the freezer. I said, "you're ridiculous!", as I googgled for tips on reviving a hard drive. There it was before my eyes...
Helpful and proven ways to revive a dead hard drive:
1. Drop it
2. Knock all of its side
3. Check if cables are correctly connected
So in my mind, since Marl has tried to drop it more than once, why not try the other 3 top options? There's no harm in trying, right? So I put my hard drive inside a plastic box, and put it in our freezer, beside the frozen pork and beef - yeah, I'm not a vegetarian anymore! LOL. I practically left it for 10 hours. After work, I took it from the freezer and connected the cables. Still no activity. In short, since I've tried the suggested "double murder" ways to revive my hard drive but nothing worked, I had given up hope.

Today, I woke up at 12noon. I was trying to find my laptop's power supply among the cables on the floor. Then I saw the cable of my dead hard disk. Without any hope, I just turned it on. OHHHH MYYYY GAAAAWD!!! It span!!! I mean, it's ALIVE!!! You can't imagine the adrenalin rush I felt - it's like taking 3 bottles of Red Bull. So I hurriedly connected it to my laptop then backed up all the important files first for 2 hours, before it died again. :-(

But at least, I got it working one last time. Just enough time to back up my files!!! Yipeeee!

I wonder if it will run again later after I take it out of the freezer again?!!

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