Unsuccessful configuration

My domain saritac.com is still not working. It really upsets me. My mailme@saritac.com email add has stopped working as well. I must have missed few important emails since then.

On the same note, the wireless internet configuration with the wireless router & ADSL modem I bought is not working as well! I am the only one who has been using the internet at home because it can't be configured on both of their laptops.

By the way, Marl's IBM has failed him and died on him for more than a week now. He uses my laptop to access internet but other than that, he uses his small IBM with Pentium 3 processor, the one he uses for performance. I feel so sorry for him as we are both computer addicts. On the lighter side, he has enough time to finish his books. He's got loads of them.

Oops, we are starting in 5 minutes. It's Saturday & we're expecting a crazy crowd tonight. Tah-tah!

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