Gettin' the hang of it

I'm starting to really enjoy myself onstage. I mean, it's evident that I have the passion for performing but due to the stress we had to face each night to let the people dance, I kinda get a little bit uptight. But since I got the hang of it, I'm enjoying it now. In fact, I really don't feel like working at all because most of the time, I'm on the dancefloor dancing with friends & guests. I feel free dancing and I feel real good!

Recently we've been rehearsing some club music, more on R&B and top40's. Can you believe that I'm rappin' like Eminem with a slurred tongue? I even rap in Korean! And it just gets better because of the tongue twisting songs we have to practise during the next weeks. It's pretty tone-deafening when you're used to rapping.

I just wish I can wear pants so I can do my funky moves. I look better dancing in my PJ's! Really!

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