A night to... err... remember?

It was a great night at the bar. People were easy to please. I let my set-curled hair down and so I was in my 5th element! LOL. I saw my old-time friends Goran & Angela Andersson and they brought their lovely 7-year-old daughter Christine who I haven't seen for 5 years. I used to carry her in my arms when she used to come to BATS bar before. Now, just like my own little princessette who I have been missing terribly, she has grown bigger and smarter. I love talking to her. She also likes to dance and she's been dancing with me on the dancefloor all night.

People were really having a good time, and I was working my ass off to get them groovin'. But among the people enjoying, there was this Chinese guy who was disturbing me onstage, but knowing that I know how to deal with those kind of drunken guys, I was able to get my way out of it.

I was singing the song "Let's Get Loud" when suddenly...

A fight broke out between a white guy and that Chinese guy. There were lots of people involved though there wasn't really any bloodshed or punching. Only shoving and pushing each other. As the quote goes, "The show must go on", and so it did. We continued performing and tried to distract other patron's attention from the petty fight. We were quite relieved when they left the bar. But wait!!! They went back inside and started fighting again during our break. DJ J-Boy even had to be stopped from playing songs as the police came in. The fight then became between the Chinese police and the white guys, actually only 2 foreigners. We still finished our last set to the delight of the guests who have spent and waited for our last set. We started with the song "A Night To Remember" that sent them cracking up.

It was definitely one of those enjoyable yet unsightly nights to remember...

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