A prank and seafood on our off

Since it's our off, it was quite relaxing to wake up without thinking whether I'm ready for our rehearsal in the afternoon. Today, Jan & I went to the hotel to submit our clothes for drycleaning. I also sent a fax to Network Solutions to request for change of email address. My (then) primary address mailme@saritac.com is not working properly anymore. I'm not receiving my daily news subscriptions anymore although I still receive spam in it. I don't know why.

We then went to Western Union to send money to a friend in KL who will be arranging some songs for us. It was quite easy to send money now than before, but the only irritating thing is they don't want to accept old notes or with minor tear on it. Sending US$100 costed US$15 charge.

As we were taking a 5-minute walk to Jusco for a McDonald's late lunch, I pulled a prank to Jan. My hands were freezing coz of the cold weather and we were just walking silently. Nobody wanted to say anything as it takes double effort for us to do. With the shout-singing we have done last night, our voices got hoarse. For no reason at all, I then shouted and put my freezing palm on her cheeks. Her reaction was priceless! Hahaha! It was the best prank I've ever done to Jan in a few months! Her eyes grew big of fear and she shouted the same way I did - same style, same key also! I still couldn't get over it. I'm still laughing as of this writing.

By the way, did I tell you that I'm already a non-vegetarian human being for 3 weeks now? Not that I couldn't take it anymore. Or surrendered on it. It's more like before leaving KL, I had to taste all my favorite Malay dishes & local food. And when we arrived here, the buffet looked so inviting that the beef, chicken and pork seemed to be whispering in my ears, "it's okay, you can eat me, no problem". But I know I will go back to it sooner or later. So today, Jan and I went to McD's and I had my spicy chicken fillet burger. Yummy. And spicy. After that we went to the supermarket to do our groceries.

We went back home at 4PM. I felt lethargic and so I hit the bed and took a nap. I was only intending to sleep for an hour. I ended up sleeping for 3 hours. I got up and brushed my hair, put on my casual uniform (I call it uniform because it's wash&wear, don't want to buy anymore clothes for winter!), brushed my teeth and we then head to our dinner appointment at Kilin Hotel. Our former assistant manager at BATS bar before, Raymond Wang, treated us to a sumptuous seafood dinner in their revolving restaurant on the 35th floor. Unfortunately for me, I had to eat most of it because Marl is still a vegan and Jan is allergic to some seafood. I ended up eating things I don't usually eat! Look at the photo at the right and don't tell me what is on your mind, because already I know it, hahaha! They also gave us a slim bottle of 375ml local red wine. It's the slimmest red wine bottle I've ever seen!

We then headed here in Shangri-La to access internet. Therefore I'm so blogging now to tell you what we've been up to today. You see, you're all very special to me! :-)
URB at the Revolving Restaurant on the 35th Floor of Kilin Hotel Qingdao

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