What a party!

It's the 1st year anniversary party of QBar at the Shangri-La Qingdao. It was well-attended by the hotel's loyal and regular guests, as well as the management and staff of the hotel. Even the GM, RM, F&B, Marketing & Sales stayed until our last set.

It was a really different and special night. There were intermission numbers in between our sets, like the bartending exhibition, belly dancing
and staff dancing. I myself got carried and had myself dancing on top of the ledge/platform/red table most of the time, to the delight of the party people. During breaks, I was also busy roaming around as I sipped my glass of wine slowly. In fact, that glass of wine that I've been holding lasted the whole night!

Bet you that everyone had lots of fun. I think there were free flow of drinks until 9PM that got most of the guests drunk by 10PM.

But as usual, my feet is aching now! Huhu! Need some good foot rub. Maybe I'll just step on some pebbles and marbles instead
as it's really impossible for me to tolerate foot massage. Because of the pain & because I'm ticklish! LOL

Alas, it's off again... I'm so not talking too much tomorrow. I have been enduring a hoarse voice since we got here. I have to at least regain it back.

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