With old friends

My friend Akkila is in town. He has been a very good friend of the band all through these years. Last night, I introduced to him couple of my friends from the Beat Culture band who's playing at Saujana's RP. My friend is a music lover and has been friends with most bands he has encountered whenever he travels. Immediately, he booked a room to spend a night there, and left Shangri-La. After work tonight, U.R.B. took a fast cab to Saujana to meet up with him and my old friends. We had a great time. Afterwards, we had a festive supper at AsiaCity in Subang Jaya. Festive because our tables weren't enough to accomodate the food we ordered. There were a lot of food, some were just wasted. But we had great fun with my old friends.
But still have this stupid itchy thing on my throat! $hit! LOL

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