Ah, tequila!

I've had numerous happy-turned-bad experiences with drinking. I only drink to socialize with friends. Besides, I don't drink when Marl is not around. I only drink and get drunk because I know he will take care of me. But sometimes it gets out of hand. Just like what happened yesterday.
We went to Concorde to meet up with friends. I had my supper and just ordered my fave tequila sunrise without ice. Sipped it slowly as I enjoyed the music of the bands. But we saw some friends who we haven't seen for a long time, then more friends came. And so, a bottle of Tequila was just right for long lost friends. Then another bottle was ordered. And I remember doing shot after shot. And I was okay. Until I got up then total mental blackout. I couldn't remember a thing. The next thing I knew was waking up and still wearing the dress I wore last night. And Marl was sleeping on the other bed and was really angry at me.
He has all the right reasons to be angry. Because long before I got drunk, he was telling me to take it easy. But I didn't listen to him. In the end, he dragged me back to the hotel. I vomitted quite a few times and he took care of me. He was so worried at one point when I couldn't breathe anymore that he wanted to bring me to the hospital. Because he was so worried, he wasn't able to sleep at all. And I felt so bad for him because I know it's my fault. And I was really sorry for what happened.
Ah, tequila! Lots of experiences with it. More traumatic than good I must say. Like last night. I've learned my lesson well and maybe, I will not touch a bottle of Tequila in a long time. Hmmm... I remember I said this before.
Deja vu?

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