The thing I can't do without

A wristwatch.
I know some people who hate wearing watches because they don't like looking at the time and what's left of it. Me, I wear watches not to check on time or curfews. I wear watches because I'm used to wearing it. I get uneasy when I forget to wear my watch.
Some people remove their watches before they go to sleep, along with jewelries or other things that they can take off. But not me. I still wear my watch even when I go to sleep. Sometimes when I forget my watch and wake up in a middle of a sleep and realize it, I would really get up and wear my watch! LOL
The only thing I don't like wearing watches is when I have pictorials or when I perform. It bothers me especially when I dance. But still, I have my FolliFollie ringwatch for disguise. If I'm not wearing it on the 1st set, I will surely go back to my room to get it. That's how addicted I am with watches.

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