Total loss of voice

It's been weeks since I had my flu. It's been more than a week since that itchy little jiggamathingy would cause me to cough. And today, I woke up not only with a hoarse voice with an aching sore throat, but totally voiceless!!! It's like Ariel from the movie The Little Mermaid. All I can do is whisper. The only difference is she's a little cuter than me when she does it. Huhuhu!
It's the first time that this ever happened to me. Usually I'd have hoarse voice especially when I'm sick, but I still could sing. Not now. I can't even talk without exerting effort. It's worrying me that this might be a different case of hoarseness.
Marl experienced this some years ago, without any premonitions. He gained back his voice after a month, and his normal singing voice after another month. And this worries me a lot.
I still am working tonight but I told Marl that if I cannot really sing, I wouldn't force it. I'll just be a dancer onstage.
I hope this isn't anything serious as severe laryngitis.

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Anonymous said...

oohhhh pooorrr sis... have u seen the doctor yet? any medication? or is resting is the best cure? u really have to get a discipline sleeping routine. get some antibiotic but don't over dose it. combine with lots of water intakes. it's a must. i'll pray hard for your health and speedy recovery dear. luvya! now get more rest... hehehehehe