Looking for sponsor

My existing domains www.saritac.com & www.urbband.com are expiring soon. I am currently looking for somebody who will continue to sponsor these domains for me to continue this wonderful journey online.
I would have liked to register www.atiras.com too but it's already taken by somebody else. I might settle for www.sarita.ph or www.princessette.com.
I can still continue to host it under Freewebs but the rates have gone up a bit. I'm planning to host it under a webhosting company based in Malaysia, Capxion. I kinda like their packages at RM99/year but I'm aiming for the RM247/year for their triple package (with 3 domains & 3 webhosting plans) which will be the best thing for my websites.
So if you want to surprise me eventhough it's not my birthday, you can get me one of the above or maybe all. I promise, I will be surprised. Really. LOL.

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