Ursula, give it back to me!

If you have watched the movie The Little Mermaid, you know that Ursula is the wicked Sea Witch who stole Little Mermaid Ariel's golden pure voice. And for the past 24 hours of battling with Ursula in my imagination, I'm gaining my voice back - slowly but surely.
Yesterday, I was so depressed the whole day couple with a frustration at night because I couldn't really sing. But as what I would always say, the show must definitely go on. So wearing a huge smile and beautifully made up curls on my tresses, I stood and dance onstage, occasionally doing backup when my voice allowed me to. Jan and Marl did most of the job but I made sure that I danced in all my gracious ways to make up for not singing at all. But honestly, for a singer, it was definitely a huge disaster to wake up losing his/her voice, not knowing if it's permanent or just for the time being. Taking Difflam lozenges and Tussidex Forte (for my dry cough) helped a little bit - at least.
After work, our friends Jeff (singer) and Edwin (guitarist) came to our room to have a chit-chat. Jeff knows how to massage especially points concerning whatever aches or ailments one might have, so I enjoyed a bit of painful massage as we were chit-chatting. We talked about religion and history which was really exciting and interesting for me.
Today, I woke up with a liiiiitle bit improvement. I could at least talk properly, but still exerting effort to do so. With my friend's help, I had an appointment with an ENT specialist in Petaling Jaya. He told me that my throat was inflamed and my vocal cords were swollen, which caused me to lose voice. He was confident that I will regain back my voice after I've finished taking my medications of antibiotic, antihistamine & anti-inflammatory.
By good fortune, it was our off today. I would have been another pleasant decoration onstage again if it wasn't. LOL. I hope that I will get better by tomorrow. If not, I'll have to resort to being a "wild flower" onstage tomorrow night! LOL.

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