Bird flu? Not for vegetarians!

Now on the final leg of recovery from flu. There's just a very tiny itch on my throat that makes me cough every now and then. But apart from that, I'm all good.
Met some ENT doctors from the Philippines who are here in KL for a convention. My ENT doctor from Manila Doctors Hospital, Dr. Pontejos, is also part of the convention. They joked that I might have gotten the bird flu. I replied back, "How can that be? I'm a vegetarian!". LOL.
After work last night, we went to Concorde with our good friend Akkila from Abu Dhabi. My friends Dang & Arman (of Beat Culture) with their local friends joined us as well. As usual, we jammed with the bands there, had a good supper and went back to the hotel at 5AM.

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