New Year's Eve 2006 at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

It was our 5th New Year's Eve party at the Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur for the past consecutive years. And it was just as equally successful and grand as the past new year's eve parties we had. Well almost.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Zang Toi, a famous local designer label, has sponsored 2 of the 3 dresses we intended to wear for the event. And for the 5th year, the hotel has sponsored our hairdo's. And for the 3rd year, I was the emcee/host for the night.

Let me run you through our docket on that special day/night:

December 31, 2006

2:00 AM. In the room, we were practising the songs that we intend to play for the party. Aside from playing some of the favorites we used to sing every night, we have a repertoire solely for the special night.

3:00 AM. Dyed our roots. Our hair has already grown and therefore had to touch up the roots.

4:00 AM. We had our final costume fitting, making necessary adjustments and minor alterations.

5:00 AM. Went to bed and had a relaxing sleep until 2PM. Selena slept over at my friend's place (Papa Jamal).

3:30 PM. Soundcheck. Brought down our shoes. Had to practice trotting on my new 4-inch stilettos (they almost killed me!)

5:30 PM. Went to the hotel's hairdresser to do our hair. I also did my makeup by myself while waiting for my hair to be set. I am more comfortable doing it by myself. It's therapeutic for me, as well.

7:00 PM. Had a quick dinner. Did some finishing touches on my makeup. And wore the long songket gown by Zang Toi. Mine was a checkered red and white tube gown with long train at the back that is drawn on the floor and decorated with beautiful small red flowers on the waistline. It was so heavy that I had to wear a transparent strap attached to it to avoid faux pas. Jan's was a checkered purple and white 2-piece of long ball skirt and long sleeves, fastened by a belt. Marl looked dashing and so handsome in his black tuxedo with silver bowtie.

7:45 PM. We were already downstairs. Same setup as last year. The lobby has been turned into an exclusive fine dining mini concert hall, our 360 degree round stage was on top of the fountain. Meanwhile, the lobby lounge where we usually perform at has a big dancefloor and a widescreen on top of the stage which feeds whatever is happening inside the exclusive area.

8:00 PM. We were supposed to do the opening act, but the place was still half-filled with guests so we delayed it for 30 minutes.

8:30 PM. We finally did the opening gambit after waiting for 30 minutes. We sang slow songs but not too dragging as easy listening songs. Say Il Divo's and jazz?

9:00 PM. Time to do my job as an emcee as I facilitated the first lucky draw for the night. We gave out 7 out of the 22 prizes. All complimentary accomodations in different Shangri-La properties, it only differed in location.

9:30 PM. DJ took over while Jan and I changed to our 2nd costume. It was a black coat up until above our knees, fastened by a silver belt, and a black hat with a silver ribbon. Underneath it all was a baby doll songket dress sponsored by Zang Toi, also checkered. People didn't really like it because we looked like wearing potato sacks, eventhough it showed our legs & thighs as we twirl. But sad to say for the pervs, we were in black stockings!

10:00 PM. 2nd lucky draw with another 7 prizes. People were already in a better mood after filling up their stomachs.

10:15 PM. DJ music. Time to get rid of the funny-looking baby doll songkets. We changed into something that's elegant and sexy which we bought for the party. It's black and sprinkled with gold dusts that flowed up until above our knees. We still kept the black stockings because we were sure that there'd be a peek-a-boo when we turn or twirl.

11:30 PM. By this time, the DJ has already worked up the dancing crowd. But had to cut them off to do our last lucky draw for the final 7 major prizes. I had lots of fun doing my hosting job. I was more relaxed and confident, because most of the guests were our regular guests. The major prize was a complimentary accomodation with breakfast at the Shangri-La Dubai plus return ticket to/from Kuala Lumpur sponsored by Emirates Airlines.

11:45 PM. We were up onstage for our 3rd and final set. We managed to work the dancing crowd. The lobby lounge's dancefloor was also busy. At this time, the curtains surrounding the whole exclusive area have been opened so anyone can join the party.

January 1, 2007 - H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !

12:00 AM. We welcomed the year 2007 with a blast! And with Auld Lang Syne of course. Black and silver balloons fell from the ceiling as everyone hugged their loved ones. It was a very special moment I will always remember. The happiness on the people's faces was definitely priceless and incomparable. We were shout-singing at the top of our voices amidst the noise, shouting and balloon popping.

12:10 AM. Our job was done. DJ took over and tried to work the crowd who were left high from our music. The crowd definitely wanted more of the URB. After about 30 minutes of dancing to the irrelevant songs the DJ has played, the DJ was turned down by the people who left the dancefloor. Don't get me wrong. People thought the DJ played the music just for himself, for his musical satisfaction. I mean, a DJ has to be sensitive to what the people want to dance with. Most of the crowd were middle-aged and old. And he played Shakira's Hips Don't Lie (Bamboo), a live version from the FIFA World Cup 2006, for 5 times! We played the song as well, so the crowd definitely must have had a hangover from the song itself!

12:20 AM. I wanted to dance some more and so I did my solo dancing performance on the dancefloor of the lobby lounge, much to the audience's delight. I didn't care. I just danced by myself. To hell with the cameras pointed at me, I was definitely having the time of my life - without a drop of alcohol - YET!

1:30 AM. It's such a shame that by this time, the dancefloor was empty. And the people dancing were all gone both from the dancefloor and from their seats. I even saw a housekeeper sweeping the floor! Wish we could have gone back onstage to save the night. But as were were told, our job was done. And by this time as well, the champagne glasses I've been bottoming up has finally gotten over me, which left me to want more partying.

2:00 AM. Went to The Pub to witness the last songs of D'Adza band. It was their last night and they had their own partying crowd. It was good and they're really good. Hats off. I also drank champagne. Suddenly, Jan exited to go to the toilet. I didn't have any idea that she was already drunk!!! She definitely ain't much of a drinker.

2:20 AM. Looking for Marl who I lost along the way from The Pub, it led me back to the Lobby Lounge which was already quiet. I got engaged in a strange conversation with a 60 year old lady called Karen at the bar of the lobby lounge. She seemed like someone who would just appear when you least expect her to. The strange conversation resulted to a friendly chat over another kind of drink. I felt like she's the older version of Ally McBeal, the crazy lawyer!

2:30 AM. Marl and I had to assist Jan to her room. She's been throwing up and didn't want to go anywhere anymore, so we just left her in the room. Marl and I went to Concorde to party with the bands. I saw Dawn, a daughter of our regular guest, who became a good friend. Hussein was also there, the old guy who fancied me so much and told other singers that he would marry me in my next life! LOL. He's a friend and I admire his courage for blatantly saying those things. He opened a bottle of champagne for me - which, really GOT ME! In just 30 minutes, my world spun around and my tongue lost its muscle control for comprehensible speech! Next thing I knew I was onstage with the band who asked me to sing, but the words were not coming out right from my mouth! All I did was indistinct uttering of the lyrics! Lucky for me, I know the people there, from the staff to the managers. They know me. Except that night, maybe! LOL.

3:30 AM. Headed up to the rooms of the band at Concorde. I was so drunk and still wanted to dance that I actually danced inside their room! I've been babbling non-sense stuff as the alcohol took over me. And I passed out somewhere along the way.

7:00 AM. Was only woken up by Marl from slumberland. It was time for us to go back home. My new friend Dawn and Marl had to assist me as I walk on my 4-inch stilettos half-asleep. I don't know how Marl managed it. Or should I say, how Marl managed me! LOL

2:00 PM. Tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I was definitely awake with a banging hangover, but still couldn't open my eyes. Then I realized that I hadn't remove my makeup from last night!!! It was actually my mascara that got my lashes stuck up! Hahaha!

And for the first time in years, I had an off on the first day of the year!!! I was lucky to have an off, but not for Marl. My poor darling! Spent the afternoon strolling in KLCC with my friend Dawn. Enjoyed it. Selena came back by dinnertime. Just had a relaxing evening afterwards.

It was definitely THE evening you didn't want to miss. Or you wish you hadn't missed. Including the drunken me! LOL. Happy New Year y'all!


Anonymous said...

nalasing ako sa kakabasa! hehehe..glad u had a blast! ;) happy new year!! *hugs* miss ko na kayo. . hope to see u soon!

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

mareng trish, i really enjoyed my time. syempre bangenge so enjoy din c lolo! bwahahaha! labsho!

Anonymous said...

amf! kaaliw ung pic mo nung bagong gising! parang gusto kitang pagprituhan ng hotdog at itlog, tapos hilamusan!! fairness, byootipul ka pa rin shempre! :) wabyu!