Busy doin' nothing much

After New Year, I just decided not to pressure myself to keep up with updates for my website. Sorry guys. Just have to really relax my mind. For the first time, I swam with my little mermaid. I hate to swim but luckily, my princessette always give me the right company I've always been looking for. We've been recording, too. My princessette's 2nd recording, that is! Don't worry, I will post it as soon as I got it all mixed.

Besides, the damn dialup at 24.6kbps is killing me! But luckily, my friend Wayne is staying at the Pacific Regency and shared his WiFi account with me. I just discovered that if my cheek splats against the window, I can actually get the "very low" signal of WiFi from Pacific Regency apartments.

For the photos that everyone's been asking about, they are on the process of screening. And prepare your eyes for feasting because I've got TONS of pictures to upload for the holiday seasons 2006!

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