First blog for 2007

Happy New Year everyone!
2006 was certainly a great year for me. I was able to fix my hernia, had a good contract in our country (played at the Mactan Island Shangri-La in Cebu), enjoyed my good health on top of all.
I also made some new friends in addition to my BIG circle of fabulous people. I have reconciled with people I need to make up with. Also, I was able to forgive people who have done me wrong.
But every good thing has its counterpart. And that's losing my stepdad just before Christmas. My family has gotten over it but they couldn't get over hat the legal/first family did to them at the wake when they went to pay their last respect. It broke my heart to know that they could do it to my mom & my two half-brothers. But I am forgiving those ruthless people and members of the first family of my stepfather, just not wholeheartedly. I just pray that God will give them wisdom to enlighten them and make them realize what they had done.
I thank God for making me wiser and smarter by giving me enough trials I have managed to surpass. It has therefore made a more matured and stronger person. I thank God for the many blessings that endlessly come my way. I thank God for giving me a good life to touch others'. Also for the talent to share to people who would appreciate His gift.
This year 2007 is something I am looking forward to, like a fresh beginning for everything, especially my family. Hope it will bring better things for everybody, too! Happy New Year!

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