Finally! But...sss

After having us wait up for 8 hours and getting tired from sitting, they finally have cleaned up the rooms in the Ocean Wing of the hotel and told us that it can be readied at 9PM. They asked us to wash up and prepare for work at the hotel's Health Club and so we did. But we were 30 minutes late for our performance. What can we do? They only gave us little time to prepare for work because we waited for their advice the whoooooole day, as directed.

So anyway, we had a great night today since the hotel is full and everyone enjoyed - hopefully. I wasn't on my top shape though, I was exhausted from sitting the whole day and not being able to catch a nap. At least, Brice did.

After work, they moved us into the Ocean Wing, along with other in-house staff. The wing was partly functional: the corridor was all dusty from construction; male workers work overtime; the rooms are newly painted therefore having an awfully strong smell that can make you dizzy; and the best... the aircondition is not working!!! @$%&!!! I'm still on my costume as I'm blogging and drenched in sweat. It's like the "extension" of being on a stage with 10 spotlights, only better because we have a bed!

The duty manager just arrived and guess what? Opened our balcony's sliding door. He told us that there were similar complaints but he said that he has asked his staff to find a solution for heat... dan-dara-raaaannn... an electric fan!

So far, we have waited for an hour and we're getting used to the heat. Marlou had a great "boy scout" idea. He pulled the comforter from the bed to the floor and put it by the opened sliding door. Brilliant! We're like having a night camp by the beach with mosquitoes and flying insects trying to barge into our room. Luckily the white see-through curtain serves like a mosquito net. I will just have to tape the edges of the curtain to make sure we'll be mosquito-free the whole night.

Luckily, the water is already running through the pipes, but the faucet on the bathroom sink is taped all over and noted "wet sealant". So I had to bend over to wash my face on the bathtub. The TV doesn't work too and only the main lights are functional.

So it's past 2AM now & I'm freakin' exhausted. Gotta try our "camping on the carpet floor of the Ocean Wing room"... without electric fan. Unfortunately, can't make my planned 'giant bonfire' inside the room, smoke detector activated. Besides it will just aggravate heat. Having Marl beside me on the floor can already increase the heat - in a different sense though. Hahaha! Let the queen-sized bed be lonely tonight... Good night!

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