Woke up at 10AM today, drenched in sweat. Not that I had enough rest. Aside from the heat, the construction workers started working at 7AM. So I'd be awaken by the constant drilling, pumping, hammering since 7AM. I looked at Marlou and he was sleeping like a baby - sweaty baby that is. And something caught my eye. An orange ear plug was planted on his ear.... smart!!! And there I was, trying to get some sleep amidst the construction noise, while Marl was snoring, even getting choked by his own snoring! Hahaha!

Actually, I'm having a bad day right now. And hell knows no fury once I'm deprived from sleep. I could get really grumpy and irritable. Even sarcastic and maldita. Kaya don't mess with me today if you don't want me to turn your happy day upside down.

NOTE: Please forgive me for using some Tagalog words. And you have to forgive me because I'm grumpy! LOL

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