My princessette in the villa

Yesterday, my brother-in-law brought Selena to the villa. They were going to Carcar, couple of hours away from the city and nobody will look after for Selena. I had a bit of a problem because no one will also look after her when we go to work. So we brought her to work to solve the problem. She just drew and drew while we played, until she fell asleep in her seat. The staff were really nice to her. Anyway my princessette is well behaved and well disciplined that's why a lot of people adore her (like the mommy hahaha).

Please check out my PBase gallery, I have uploaded a few of her photos in a new gallery called D' Princessette. And I also have uploaded the pics during Cabusas' Reunion and few other pics in May 2006. Check dem out!!!

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