1 month of sweating...

Long before we started at the Shangri-La Mactan, we were worried that they wouldn't like us, our style of performance, our songs, etc. Knowing Filipinos who are meticulously musically inclined, we were up for the challenge. But since Day 1, we've been hearing excellent comments from the guests to the management and staff of the hotel. They said, we have definitely liven up the lobby making it a more enjoyable place to kick back and relax.

As for my part, I haven't perspired in my entire life as much as I do here in Mactan. It's like working out on a treadmill at Level 7 for 4 hours! You can even imagine my sweat dripping from my chin and elbows! I even have lost so much weight over the month. I even had to use my expensive foundation, which I have been saving for special occasions, TV guestings or pictorials, to keep up with the sweating and heat! Maybe because we also started at the wrong time - summer. We already complained, even the guests complained about the heat. But they can't do anything as they want to make the lobby look squeaky clean when it comes to running cables and wires. We have suggested to put a floor fan somewhere and just hide it in a box that can be disguised as sound monitors. But to no avail. The F&B Director jokingly suggested us to wear less clothings - which I might consider soon so watch out for it, hahaha! Anyway, rainy season is coming and we're hoping that breeze would come and save us sometimes.

"Rain, rain, don't go away, come and dry my sweat away, little princess wants to play"

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Anonymous said...

sweaty!! pero maganda pa rin ;)