A different Sunday

Last Sunday, May 24, we attended the Cabusas Clan Reunion. They have reserved a space for 100 persons at the Villa Teresita Resort. It's a very beautiful place but since it's Sunday, there were lots of other people in the resort. Villa Teresita is a big resort with 3 big pools with slides. They have suites and cottages for the whole day activity.

Our reunion was successful and well-attended, although there were lots of other Cabusas' who weren't able to attend. I only know a few of them and I was really glad to meet the rest of them. I was the only female adult in swimming attire, though. Didn't even take off my shorts anymore because I was shy but I really had to take off my top because it was really hot, hihihi! Selena was out in the pool all the time and after the reunion, I couldn't even recognize her because of her dark skin! Hehehe!

There was a karaoke vending machine and we were able to sing at P5/song. Of course, the first one to try it was yours truly. But they didn't want me to sing a slow one, they assigned me to sing fast songs to keep them entertained. I couldn't move as much as I want to because they kept on laughing! After my songs, the hidden talents of Cabusas Clan were discovered, one song after another.

At night, we met up with our unnamed Filipino friends from Shanghai who came to visit Cebu. After a hearty meal at the Golden Cowrie, it turned out to be a boys' night out! And I felt I really belonged (even after the surgery, hahaha!). After listening to a band at the Papa's Grill, we went to a boys' only place - The Jaguar. It's a nightclub with VIP rooms. There were scantily-dressed girls waiting for the guests. As soon as we entered the place, because I was with 3 men, these girls lined up and waited to be chosen. But we only wanted to watch the show wherein girls dance one by one on the stage to the song of their choice. They can take off their tops and they can choose not to. We went and sat in the front seat. My seat was right in the middle of the stage and I guess it made the girls uncomfortable seeing a woman in the crowd. I didn't go to judge them, I went there to enjoy. And yes, I did.

It was indeed a Sunday that's different to other Sundays I've had...

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