Saturday off in KL

After a very exhausting yet successful last performance at the Lobby Lounge last night, I was wasted. I passed out right after the show and woke up with my makeup on at 10AM. We went to the F&B office to bid them goodbye and thank them for having the URB for the 4th time. We also went to the executive office and bid goodbye to the Resident Manager and our General Manager.

After doing so, we met up with the next band, Rhythm Scent, in the lobby who were just checking in. Gave them some pointers and wished them luck and all the best.

We just chilled the whole April Fools' Day - because we were off! An off day on a Saturday in KL. That's something. Yeah, something to really enjoy.

In the afternoon, we listened to the band's soundcheck. They had a problem mainly because the sound system they're using is provided by the hotel. We, the URB, have our own system (mixer & effects) which we bring anywhere we play. We even have our own wireless microphones. They definitely sounded different from us and we did everything we could to help. I still hoped that they will get through their first performance night just right - if not flawless.

At night, we just hang around the lobby lounge, supporting the Rhythm Scent on their first night performance. They were doing a great job, I must say. I also jumped from one table to another to mingle with our regular guests and have drinks with them. The staff gave us a bottle of wine and another cocktail drink. Our "KL family" was also around. We went to The Pub to bid the local band goodbye as well.

After a great night, we had a meal at the mamak stall - wherelse - behind Concorde. Once again, we shared a great time with our KL families over some plates of Indo mee goreng. After all, it's the company that really matters.

We then went to Concorde to bid our friends goodbye. Didn't stay long because we haven't fully packed our things yet. So at 4AM, we went back to the hotel to pack. Marlou had a rest while I was accompanied by Edlyn (Rhythm Scent singer) as I did the last packing.

Finished at 6AM, prepared and checked out the hotel and now at the airport. I'm definitely gonna miss my Shangri-La KL family and all my friends in KL.

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