URB's last night at the Shangri-La KL 2006

It was a great night. Friends came to bid us farewell. Guests enjoyed the evening as we did our very best to make it another memorable night. Yes, everything went out perfectly on our last night performance at the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur - for the 4th time.

Before the 1st set was over, the lounge's already full. Made my coffee for the break, but didn't even have a chance to have a sip. The band was served with a shooter drink - peppermint with baileys - for warm-up. The bartenders' goal was to get us drunk by the 4th set.

On our 2nd set, we already were in our top performance level. The night was just turning wonderful as we saw more regular guests and friends coming to see us off. After the 2nd set, the band was served with B52. Plus, I had a glass of wine and a shot of champagne. And that just put me into the perfect mood.

Our 3rd set was the best set of the night, but was exhausting. As I did my kungfu moves in Shanghai Tan, I accidentally kicked the glass covering the stage with my stilletto heel a little too hard that it cracked. I mean the glass. Oopsie doopsie! Lucky for me, it's only seen when you're onstage. Can't be seen by the guests. But man, I was more worried with my heels, didn't want it to break while I was in the middle of the set. If that happened, I would have danced with my barefoot and might step on the broken glass. Actually I owned up today because I didn't want anyone to be blamed. Besides, they would understand if it's me - I mean, my moves! Hahaha! Hopefully they won't charge it to my account when we go back here.

During the break before the final set, the bartender prepared the best shot - a Flaming Lamborghini! Whew, it really got me. It was one hell of a drink. Drank more red wine and risked of mixing the damn drinks. I didn't care, we were going for our final set anyway. And getting pissed is a "last night" tradition to me.

Our last set was fun. We were laughing all the time, Brice could barely concentrate. She was worried she might fall off. I wasn't really that drunk (yet) but I just enjoyed the "hang" of it. I guess it helped to know the fact that we're definitely coming back here on October, for me not to feel sad as I usually would feel every last night performance.

Marlou took over the stage couple of times successfully especially when we did "Time To Say Goodbye" which everyone thought was our last song. Did a speech after that song thanking each and everyone in the crowd for coming and supporting the URB Band all these years. Our last song was a bit vague to me, I know I did dance and performed it well but the alcohol really got into my brains. I have flashes of the last set as I tried to beat my brains out about the exact details. But that last song was still a blur to me!!! Grrrrrr!!!

After we stopped at 1:10AM, we said goodbye to our friends and took pictures (Of course!!!). The bartenders were happy to have made their goal to get us drunk. I challenged them to make me a hot shooter - The Blowjob. The drink, not the act, silly! :-)

For those who don't know what kind of drink a "blowjob" is, it's a shooter in a tiny glass that you have to drink without using your hands. So you'll have to try to hold the glass using your lips. Just in case there are readers of this thinking the same way like I do, I want to make it clear that the "lips" that I'm talking about here are the lips on the face. LOL. Going back to the topic, the bartenders tried to impress me and made something more interesting than the Blowjob. It's served in a saucer, with 2 tiny glasses of whatever-alcohol shots, divided by a BANANA covered with whipped cream. So I sipped the 2 shots with a straw and to finalize the drink, I licked the whipped cream and bit the banana. Hmmm, is it just me or is it really getting hot in here???

I did remember that I tried to help Marlou pack up the things onstage - unsuccessfully. It was funny because he asked me to get his piano bag from our room. Instead, I took our empty luggage bag and dragged it in the hallway. I wasn't sure if Marl made it clear, but everything was a blur anyway so whatever! LOL

I passed out afterwards. I was only planning to take a nap but it went on until I woke up at 10:30AM today - with my makeup on!!! I hurriedly went to the toilet to take it off as I laughed at myself for getting too pissed to remember some things I did last night.

Thanks to friends and guests who have supported the URB Band in Shangri-La Hotel since 2002. You made it possible for us to be at our best and show to the world that Filipinos are very much appreciated. Thank you soooooo much!

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