Hello Cebu!!!

Checked out the hotel at 6:30AM. My godmom Susana and my godsister Linty waited for us outside. The hotel provided a big limousine taxi which we think would only fit our things. So we asked help from my godmom. Bu they were more than glad to send us off. Besides, she's the one who always sends us off over the years.

When we reached the airport, it was full of people. The queue to the Malaysia Airlines counter was like almost a hundred people when we got there. But everything was just going well, we managed to check-in with just enough time to have a bite at the McDonalds. But that bite had to be fast because the amount of people at the Immigration counter was unbelievable! We stood there for almost an hour queueing up! But time was on our side. We reached the gates just in time before we boarded the plane. I had 2 hand carry bags so I raced myself into the plane to get a space for my bags. And I was just lucky. Marl too.

Our flight was delayed for a few minutes I guess. I slept through the flight before we made a 45 minute transit to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah and I was just glad that we didn't have to take our bags out. I slept halfway through the flight to Cebu. I couldn't sleep anymore when I noticed that we weren't flying that high. We were just above the clouds and I could see the small islands of the Philippines. Took some photos. I wish I could see a rainbow, I thought. In less than 10 minutes, I was surprised and got my camera - I actually saw a rainbow! Well, just a part of it, but I didn't care, it's still a rainbow! I was so happy. I enjoyed the great view of the archipelago, sometimes wondering if there's someone out there living on those stray islands.

Touched down Cebu at 3:05PM, managed to get out of the airport before 4PM. Dropped off Brice in a nearby supermarket where she met up with her high school friend. We proceeded to Jollibee in Mandaue to eat, I was starving but didn't have appetite to eat due to lack of sleep. Reached our orange house just after 5PM. I watched the talkshow The Buzz right away. I really missed Filipino TV shows!!!

Had a nap until 10PM. Watched the wedding special of Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago. It was so touching and so special that it brought tears in my eyes. I can say Claudine have just had her dream wedding come to reality. I checked mails after 12 midnight. And for a restless person like me, I just had to blog away...


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