Onboard Cebu Pacific

I'm now onboard a Cebu Pacific flight bound to Manila. They've just served snacks: strawberry biscuit and iced green tea. My mom has prepared our favorite dish - Tortang Talong - so gotta save some space in my tummy.

Cebu Pacific is known for their fun flights. They have games to entertain their passengers. They would usually have a game called Bring Me where they ask the passengers to bring any of the funny and unusual stuff they'd ask them to bring. Like a sock with a hole or a money bill with a certain last digit from its serial number. Or sometimes a strand of grey hair!

I won a travel shoe bag once before. Sometimes they'd even ask the winning passenger to sing. But we're just 20 mins away from Manila and they haven't done any games. Guess I'll just have to give up my enthusiasm. Anyway, being with Selena is priceless than anything else in this world.

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