Settled back home

It's really great to be with my family. Since I got in last Tuesday night, I've been busy catching up with my mom, my brothers and Selena. I went to Manila Doctors' Hospital yesterday, but the general surgeon who wanted to fix my hernia wanted to also do my thyroid. He scared me by saying that my thyroid might get cancerous anytime. On the other hand, he's a surgeon for God's sake, of course he would recommend me to be cut as much as possible! But I'm not getting any surgeon cut my neck at all - not so soon.

Last night, we went to a bar in QC, near the ABS-CBN compound. We even drove by Pinoy Big Brother's House but I couldn't take proper pics of it. This bar we went to, has an acoustic band. When the female singer called out my name to jam (as a favor for my friend), she paused for a while and said, "Sarita? Kuala Lumpur Malaysia? I know you, we've already met! Shangri-La, right? I've even been to your website!". AJ, the former singer of Giggles Band who played in Genting Highlands, went to Shangri-La Hotel once with her former band to wait for their friend to pick them all up. And they happened to watch our performance. It's a small world indeed!

I'm going to another hospital later on for second opinion. Will update you later, k?

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