Manila in a few hours...

We're at the airport right now, we're waiting for our flight. It's been delayed so our flight will be 20 mins delayed. Manila is only 50 mins flight from Cebu.

Just had a relaxing massage by a blind man. Marl is having his turn right now. It's so cheap. A 30-minute massage is US$2 only, while an hour massage is US$4 and so on and so forth.

A while ago, we dropped by the Duty Free Shop and bought chocolates for presents. Hershey's have their promotion. A bag of their chocolates at US$27 gives u free 2 bags and a cap. I already have lots of bags at home. So I just bought 3 bags of Hershey's chocs and they gave me a free car TV! Although it's black & white, at least you can still use it for news or for past time. We can put it in our LiteAce van. But it's more like buying a car TV at US$81 with free 3 chocolate bags. At least I'd like to think of it that way.

I'm gonna see Selena soon! Can't wait!

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