First holi"day" in Cebu

First day back home in Cebu. Peaceful sleep until 1PM but I woke up drenched in sweat! It's freakin' hot on a summer - not that it's not hot the rest of the year - in Cebu. We didn't install an airconditioning unit this time because we won't be staying long. So I will have to deal with an electric fan the whole day!

We went to SM Cebu to get our tickets for Manila, we also had dimsum dinner. It was Marlou's brother driving us around. And I sat with little Shaun, Marlou's nephew, at the back of our van.

Let me tell you something about 5 year old Little Shaun. He's so sweet and lovable. His mom is working in the US and I guess he just misses a mother figure at home. He would embrace me most of the time while we would chit-chat at the back of the van about everything. He became so attached to me - and my boobs! LOL. Before the night ended, he put his arms around my waist and said "I want to touch your boobs" and immediately placed his hands over them! Cheeky kid! And he's just 5 years old, huh! Men!!!

After dinner, we went to Shangri-La Mactan Resort to check out the place. It's a very nice resort eventhough it's night time. There's a band playing at the lounge where we will be playing next month. We just watched them from a distance, we didn't sit because we just planned to drive around the city the whole night. We also drove by The Village, The Fun & Food Junction and the Waterfront Hotel, just to check out the places.

We've just finished packing our stuff now. We're all set and ready to go to Manila later tonight (Tuesday). Can't wait to see my family especially Selena!

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