Good Friday

It's really good because I'm feeling a lot better until... I SNEEZED! I felt like my wound has opened up and that my intestines burst out! It was really painful. I've stopped taking painkillers, too, except when I go out. I still feel giddy at times so I'm taking chance to just relax and lie down. I've actually gained a lot of "bloated" weight so I will have to do a strict diet next week. Gotta try!

A procession from the Paco Catholic Parish Church passed right infront of our house before 6PM. It's the procession marking the death of Jesus Christ. There were more people who joined the procession than last year.

I'm going to peep on our brand new condominium unit at the California Garden Square tomorrow. We're very proud of it. The community is getting bigger and better. It's not the best investment but I'm glad that we have a good one.

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