Out again - at last

I was out again - at last! I was so excited preparing and dressing up, it was my first time to wear something else aside from my house clothes in almost a week. Selena and I met up with Marlou at the Medical Center Manila for my follow-up checkup. My doctor, Dr. Joel Macalino, was happy with my recovery. He finally removed the transparent plaster from my wound. He said that my wound has already healed, but reminded me not to push myself too hard. He advised me to do light exercises, even allowed me to do my light yoga workout. I have gained a lot of weight over the past weekend. The IV infusion really bloated me & my tummy. So I really need to lose weight before the next weekend.

Upon hearing the "light exercises" from my doctor, my eyes lightened up. What a good timing on a hot summer's day. One word came up to my mind - MALL! So the 3 of us attacked Robinson's Place to unwind. Met with brothers too. Selena spent her time at the Play Box, it's an activity kiddie gym where you can leave your kids watched over by trained "nannies", while you do your shopping. Spent my time in the mall walking a bit then sitting down when I'd feel weak. Had our dinner at the KFC before heading back home.

Just had a pancit canton frenzy with my brothers, Marlou and Selena. I'm planning to go up to my room after this blog. Miss my online days though...

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