Stayin' alive and healthy

After a few months of enjoying a buxom figure, I've decided to really be serious about losing weight. It didn't hit me until I saw some devil cellulites when I sit. Although people said that I look better physically with a bit of flesh, that's not my turning point here. I'm over 25, okay okay! I'm 27 and I only have one kid. I don't want to hit the big 30 and trying to fit in my old clothes. No no no!

I'm not really into losing weight because I still love my curves. I think I just need to rethink about getting serious with Pilates and Yoga plus a simple diet, of course. I love chocolates still so I don't think I can give that up. And no, I won't be doing any bulimic or anorexic kind of thing anymore - yes, "anymore".

And besides, my body really has to get used to this lifestyle change because I won't be able to exercise or strain myself after my hernia surgery in April. Plus, vacation means pigging out. And... oh yeah, it's already 7:30AM, have to go to bed now.

It's our off woooohooooooo!

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