Lazy off

Started my off day at 4PM. Yes, I woke up at 4PM. Waited for Marlou who was at the gym and we managed to go out at almost 6PM. I had my watches' batteries replaced in Sungei Wang then bought some pocket pc software in Low Yat Plaza. I also bought a silicon case for my iPAQ which is my current baby at this time.

We then had a dinner at Tarbush Restaurant in Starhill, which is owned by our friends who frequent the lounge. The owner was the one who personally cooked our dishes. I had the lamb chops I've been drooling about for the past months., while Marl has sish kebab. It was so tasty and really really good.

After dinner, we just went straight back to the hotel and watched "Pinoy Big Brother" on DVD which was brought by the new band in Concorde, who just arrived last week from the Philippines. The whole DVD lasted for 4 hours and it wasn't that boring as I thought because there were lots of twists and challenges, as well as comedy.

After the film, Marl and I prepared our things to be sent to back home. We separated things for Manila and Cebu. We finished at 5AM. But I still went to bed at 7AM. Hmmm... not much interesting things done huh?

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