No pain, no gain

My body hurts from pushing myself too hard for more complex yoga postures, using the muscles I've never used before. Or maybe I strained myself. No, I still couldn't put my toes on top of my head yet but give me around 3 years, then maybe I'll walk all over KL like that everyday. And be mistaken for a beggar or something (corny ha-ha-ha). Or maybe I should try scratching my head with my toes or something more challenging than that. I tried the headstand once and my legs went everywhere and landed to a broken "tada-asana". Oh well, I'm also learning the names of the yoga poses I do, not only in English but also in Hindi.

The yoga postures that I've already mastered were the basic ones which goes with the right breathing. And it took me a while to master it because of my inconsistency with my workouts. But now I'm more willing to do it, especially while recuperating, doing maybe something that concentrates with the breathing to strengthen my abdominal muscles.

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