Manic Friday

Well it was busy at the lounge again last night. The delegates and participants from the ongoing conference came during our 3rd set. The lounge became so noisy with their conversations that it was difficult for us to catch their attentions at all. Luckily, we caught a bit of their attention on the last part of our last set when we started playing a classical number.

I got so disappointed when I went up after work and was only able to catch the last contestant of the guys' performance in American Idol. Was hoping to catch the last repeat a fewa hours later, but we had to go to Concorde Hotel to wish Kuya Edil, the "tatay" of the Peach Apple Tree band, a happy birthday. Of course, they asked me to sing again, but only just one song. What swept everyone's feet was Marlou's rendition of "My Baby You". Even I was swept away by it.

We then continued celebrating in their room upstairs. They had few munchies and all we did was talk and laugh - until 7:30AM!!! When Marlou and I went back to Shangri-La, I was hiding my face behind him because I was still in my makeup!

Woke up at 5:30PM... what a life!!!

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