A diamond peeling experience

Not only does my body hurt, but also my face. I went to a skin specialist clinic today and tried "micro diamond peeling" for the first time. I've read about it in forums about beauty and I wondered what it could really do and what makes it an expensive treatment. The skin specialist clinic is located opposite Midvalley Megamall and they actually specialize in losing weight using technology and injections and facial laser treatments.

While waiting, I had a chance to read about Carboxytherapy, Aquamid, Botox, Contour Threads, etc. I didn't know that Aquamid can be used to give contour to one's face or correct one's nose. You can do a lot with Botox, too, even severe underarm sweating. No, I wasn't really interested about having Botox anytime soon. I haven't done any cosmetic surgery AT ALL and haven't done anything with my body YET. One treatment that I would really die to have, but might be impossible, is for my wicked post-natal stretchmarks in my lower abdomen. I was told by the doctor in the clinic that I would just be wasting my time and money because as of now, there's still no treatment that can vanish the stretchmarks completely. Lighten it maybe, but not really vanish it. I could have prevented it, but my skin's elasticity is no good. Damn!

What I hate about going to skin specialist clinics like that is waiting. I was quite lucky that I could get a wifi signal in the clinic. At least, after reading all those pamplets and brochures, I still could enjoy surfing while waiting. I also enjoyed guessing what the clients came there for. Like there was this one lady who came out from the treatment room. I judged her by her size, she's considered skinny and she's fair-skinned. So I got intrigued what treatment she went there for. Not until I saw her when she sat opposite me and noticed her "pouting lips". But of course, all these observations were kept under my watchful eye and didn't spill the beans to Brice and Mama Siah, who I went there with, until we got out of the building.

Alas, my 2 hours wait was over. I was led to a hallway of about 6 rooms, each with different treament. I entered the room which has two beds, divider in between. I was asked to lie down but wasn't asked to change into anything, unlike in other skin clinics where I went to before. So there I was lying down when the assistant activated the machine next to the bed.

First, she cleaned my face before "sucking" the dead skin cells with a tool that looks more like a pen with an open hole in the middle that's connected to the machine. The edge of the tool was coarse and felt "sandy", I looked at it and didn't see any sparkling stuff in different carats but rather something that looks like a sand paper stuck on it. I was told that it's where the fine diamond crystals are placed to slough off dead skin cells and promote new collagen and skin cell growth. Diamond Peel provides a gentle, mechanical peeling of the skin called micro-dermabrasion. It's painfree, just feels like a small vacuum cleaner sucking half an inch of your skin, only tingling sensation after the treatment. The whole procedure lasted for an hour and a half, including the pink mask they put on my face after pricking some pimples out, which was the only painful part by the way!

After the treatment, aside from the redness caused by the pricking, my skin really felt great. I can actually tell the difference. Diamond peeling can only be done once a month. I went out of the clinic, looking like the lost reindeer from Santa's sleigh who's late for next Christmas Eve gathering... yeah, the one with the RED NOSE!

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