Let's talk Idol, girls

Oh well, the hilarious and pitiful auditions for American Idols are over. Yey, the girls had their best shot performances last night. I personally can say that in this 5th season of the Idol, everyone is really good and of their different styles. Few of them lack something in stage presence or charisma but that don't really bother their overall performance at all.

Katherine McPhee is not my best bet among the girls but she's adorable. She has the whole package of being a celebrity, if not a singer or even an Idol. She's charming, cute, and did I say charming? OK, there goes the 30% from my womanhood... yeah, I have a new crush! *giggles*

I really enjoyed all of the performances of the top 12 girls. Tomorrow, it's the top 12 guys' turn. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Katherine is adorable also cute. Paris is a total entertainer it runs in her blood. Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

Well, i like Katherine too but Paris and Lisa got my attention too!. They're pretty good and have alot of potential. I already voted for all of my faves..which are Katherine, Lisa and Paris. I am hoping to see them thru the finals. :) What do you think Saring?