Overflowing lounge

It's been really busy for the lounge since last night. There's an on-going convention/conference, Price Outlook, for the palm oil companies all over the globe. The lounge staff said that it's been so busy since 9 o'clock in the morning!

Although there were lots of people and most of them had to stand in the bar, I'd still consider the night a bit boring. Boring because we were playing for the unattentive crowd who came in groups to talk about business. But knowing URB, we always try to make something out of nothing.

Even the hotel itself needed 400 rooms for all the delegates and participants of the conference. We're lucky we weren't asked to check out, though the hotel needed one of the rooms of the local band of The Pub.

It will be very busy until Friday night and of course, Saturday will be very busy too, being a weekend. Time flies so fast. It's almost the end of February... then we'll still have another month to go... and we still don't know where we will go after this!

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