Missed half of Idol

Yeah, got some noddin' heads from my blog buddies. I do agree with them that Paris Bennett stole the limelight during top 12 girls' performance in American Idol. It definitely runs in her blood, but didn't we see a bit of that in Fantasia Barrino before? But I must say that she was really great then, hope she'll be consistent through out the competition. She's young and she really has a big chance in winning it.

Eventhough I like some of the girls in the competition (which shows the 30% of my womanhood), I still am sold to my crushie Katherine McPhee. Honestly, her singing talent is just a plus factor for her, because she can pass as an actress with her fine looks and features. I'll just hope that it won't get into her head.

I missed the guys' performance and I kept kicking myself for it for missing half of this week's Idol. I attended a very late party then and went back early... in the morning LOL. I like the white haired guy ala-Ray Charles. I also like the Vin Diesel look-alike. I also like the Filipino guy, Sway Penala. Well, I like most of them. And there goes the 70% of my womanhood!

No, I didn't miss only half because I also missed the results. I didn't even know if it was shown because I was really busy the past few days. I only get updates from American Idol's official website and learned that the ones who were voted out, sad to say, deserve it. But I read that they handled it pretty well.

Hmmm, I'm putting the schedule on my PDA so I don't miss it. I'm checking out Star World website shortly to check the schedule.

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