New Year's rush

I went to KLCC today to do the last minute rush for costume hunting but no luck. I must wake up at lunch time and try to rummage through the shops in Bukit Bintang if they have a black number we could wear on New Year’s Eve. I have an idea about the gown we will be wearing if this year’s gown won’t be sponsored at all. Our suitcases will be all over the room by tomorrow night to search for a proper one.

Anyway, tonight’s crowd was good again. And I must consider this week one of my luckiest moments – don’t want to elaborate on that anymore. After work, we met up with JP in Concorde and had supper there.

I’m annoyed with the wifi signal being cut off from our room the past week. I’m tired of searching for available networks every minute! Grrrrrrrrr!

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