New Year's Eve preparation

Tonight was another great evening at the lounge. For some reason, the lounge was fully packed, regular guests like JP couldn’t even get a table. Anyway, the New Year is coming so fast, it’s just a few days from now. They’re starting to build our stage, covering the fountain at the hotel’s lobby.

We haven’t even had a meeting with the management, all we know is we’re performing on New Year’s Eve buffet dinner. I don’t have any idea whether they will still get me as the emcee/host on that evening. Either way is okay with me. At least, I won’t feel too pressured if I don’t have to host the event.

Last year, they sponsored our evening gowns for the first 2 sets. We wore Zang Toi gowns. This year, we don’t know what the plan is yet. But we can wear our Shanghai-used gowns if there’s no other choice. So I don’t think that’s a problem. The hotel’s beauty salon did our hairdos the past 3 New Year’s Eves so I guess we also don’t need to worry about that, too. Maybe we can call the management tomorrow to clear things out.

I forgot to take dinner before work, but also I didn’t have appetite to eat. Coffee was enough for me to last through the evening. But I was starving when we finished our show. As luck would have it, my singer friend cooked something for me and left it in the concierge. So I pigged out when I got back to the room. Now I’m full and good, hehehe!

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