All set for the big night!

Woke up very early for costume hunting today. I couldn't find something really suitable that's sexy and simple. But just as when I was giving up, I saw a simple short dress and I didn't think twice anymore, just bought it straight away.

We finally had a meeting with the management. So it will basically be the same as last year. I will be the emcee/host again which will be simpler this year because I already am anticipating things to happen.

I was hoping tonight to be a quieter weekend because people will be preparing for the big night tomorrow night. Instead, the lounge was fully packed leaving us exhausted for the night. Luckily, one of my friends suggested to take Selena to sleep over in their place tonight so we can at least have a relaxing evening. Besides, we'll be very busy from the tomorrow afternoon until night so this setup is better for her.

When we finished our last set, the workers started to prepare the lounge and the lobby itself for tomorrow's party. I saw the thousands gold and black balloons in net which will be suspended on the ceiling of the lobby until midnight.

Guess we're all set for the big night tomorrow, unless there are last minute changes that will make me grab my hair...

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