Last rush for 2005

It's been hell of a day. Thought we were going to be relaxed before the show tonight. But as early as 11:30AM, we've been receiving calls from the management. I guess they had a last minute meeting or maybe their last morning briefing for the year 2005. I think they agreed to sponsor our gowns from Zang Toi again.

At 1:30PM, Brice and I went to Zang Toi for the fitting. I got shocked and almost thought that the fashion consultant was joking when he handed me a gold leather jacket with matching gold leather mini skirt. I held myself from laughing but I was telling Brice that if I'm going to wear that gold leather jacket, our opening song might as well be "It's Raining Men" or "Rhythm of the Rain". Luckily, the fashion consultant saw something that we thought was a red gown. The guy said to me, "this is perfect for you, try this on", and handed the red "gown" to me with matching black thing that I thought was for the head!!! He then told me that the red thing is the skirt and the black thing is the tube top! My eyes grew big and thought he was just joking! I realized that he wasn't joking when Brice and I went into the fitting room. It looked okay when I fitted it though I'm not used to showing my midriff and I haven't worked out for almost 3 months now. I AM INDEED THE OFFICIAL ANNUAL MERMAID OF THE SHANGRI-LA! But I was kinda confident that I can pull it off. We waited for Brice's gown as it was being used for a photo shoot. So we went 2 levels down and bought matching shoes for my gown. We went back to Zang Toi boutique but her polka dot dress doesn't fit her nicely and she's not comfortable showing her midriff, so the fashion consultant took the denim gown from the mannequin and gave it to Brice. The denim gown seemed to be perfect for Brice.

At 3:15PM, we had to rush to Sungei Wang to look for accessories suggested by the fashion consultant of Zang Toi. He suggested that we should tie up our hair in a bun and put some fresh red rose buds around it. So Brice looked for it while I had to look for a black choker for tonight. We got back to the hotel at almost 4PM, just in time for our sound check. At around 4:30PM, we took some rest in the room before getting prepared for tonight. We also have a salon appointment sponsored by the hotel at 7PM so have to take a rest now. Wish me luck for tonight.

Happy New Year everyone!

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