The New Year’s Eve Party

The New Year’s Eve Party

As I mentioned on my earlier blog, we had a hell of a day yesterday afternoon with all the rushing around, last minute fitting for the gowns, etc. But I had to admit that all of it was paid off the minute I set my foot up on the stage. This New Year’s Eve party is indeed the most attended party as we have lots of guests this year. It’s easier for me to break it down like this:

5:00 PM Relaxed a bit while having my foot spa in the room with my small machine
6:00 PM Started preparing, did my own makeup while waiting for the food I ordered from the room service
7:00 PM Did my hair done at the hotel’s salon
7:20 PM Went up the room and ate a little of my steak
8:00 PM I dressed up and turned a normal girl into a fabulous mermaid for the night LOL
8:30 PM Went down to the lobby
8:45 PM Opening gambit for the show and we did our first set
9:20 PM I facilitated the 1st lucky draw with 10 prizes
9:45 PM 2nd set for the URB Band. Mind you… dancing with our gowns! LOL
10:20 PM 2nd lucky draw of 10 more prizes
10:35 PM Went up to the room to do a quick change to a shorter dress, my only time to drink water!!!
10:45 PM 3rd set for the URB Band with lots of danceable hits. Makeup was being melted by the heat of the spotlight and by my constant gyrating LOL
11:20 PM Last lucky draw with 5 major prizes. The 1st prize being a 3 night complimentary stay in Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Yanuca, Fiji Islands
11:45 PM Last set for the URB Band, played party songs
11:59 PM Paused and invited everyone to come to the dancefloors of the main lobby and the lobby lounge as we do the countdown
12:00 AM Welcomed the year with a bang… of the thousand balloons! URB Band sang the Auld Lang Syne as I used my heels to burst the balloons on my feet.
12:03 AM Party and dancing continued as we played more dance hits. I was shaking my ass off but I was really enjoying myself. I didn’t care about my skirt flipping and my bum being seen LOL
12:45 AM URB finished for the night. DJ took over as I bid everyone goodbye, party continued till 3AM

I forgot the mention that all of these things I mentioned actually happened in the main lobby where the buffet dinner was. They have also setup a dancefloor at the lobby lounge and it was also full of guests. Like last year, there’s a big screen on our usual stage in the lobby lounge. During the lucky draw, I was almost losing my voice because I was actually shouting out the numbers, hahaha! But it was fun and exciting. I really enjoyed being the host this year. There were no pressures or great expectations. I just let myself go and I was just being myself. I also enjoyed dancing during our last set. Had they not put carpet on the dancefloor, it will be easier for me to move. I put on my dancing shoes and I had suede soles so it sometimes gets stuck with the carpet.

After our work was done, we went to the lobby lounge and greeted everyone there. I danced with our friend’s daughters and the staff who were enjoying themselves on the dancefloor. I also danced with Selena, she was so hyper and she was so happy. I took off my shoes to let my feet rest for a while. I had a few drinks but I wasn’t drunk. I was totally enjoying myself.

At around 2:15AM, we went behind Concorde to have something to eat with our close friends in KL. When we went back to the hotel at 3:30AM, the party has already finished and they were already cleaning the whole lobby. At 4AM, after putting Selena to sleep, I was damn tired and exhausted that I even slept sitting on the floor while trying to clean the mess I made while preparing for the night’s party.

It was indeed a great party and I am definitely proud to be a part of it! Happy New Year to all!

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