Christmas 2005

Christmas rush is through now. Christmas Eve at the lounge was fantastic, though last year was more of a party crowd than this year. This year, people tend to catch up with their loved-ones, family and friends. Everyone was busy but at least they're still listening. We did a Christmas countdown which brought up excitement and joy to everyone when the clock stroke 12. We finished at 12:45AM and just spent the rest of the time before 2AM to chat with friends. At 2AM, JP invited us all for a Christmas supper at the Concorde Hotel for an hour.

At 3AM, Marlou, Selena and I went up to the rooms of the Filipino band in Concorde Hotel for our small Christmas party. We brought our Xmas gifts for everyone and also some food. Marlou made macaroni salad the night before, we were given a father turkey by one of our good friends who’s also a staff of lobby lounge, and we also brought in 4 bottles of red wine. And guess where we had our party? Not in the rooms, not in the lounge, not in the coffeehouse. It’s in the corridor of the 3rd floor! We were so noisy especially when we started our exchange gifts. The table of food was in the corridor as well. Some kind of a party huh!

Selena got lots of presents from everyone. I also got great presents and so did Marlou. Everyone was so happy and jolly when a creepy Malay man appeared at 5:30AM. He stood before us all while we were seated on the floor. He was carrying a Quran and opening it, showing pages to us with his fierce look. We thought we had disturbed his sleep so we apologized. He ordered us to go to sleep and turned his back away from us and walked away. We looked on while he was walking and surprisingly, he didn’t go into any of the rooms and we noticed that he was wearing shoes, jeans and a sling bag. He used the stairs to go down but the door on the 2nd floor was locked. Must be a cuckoo guy, very creepy! We still continued with our fun but the party ended at 6:30AM, we went back to the hotel and slept right away.

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