Christmas Eve

I woke up with a call today. I've actually missed several calls, some of them from overseas. I opened up the curtains and looked outside. I suddenly felt sad. I saw an empty street with only few cars passing by. I remember how busy the people are on Christmas Eve in the Philippines. I remember me and my cousins going from one house to another. I remember being very busy with calls and invitations. I remember Christmas in the Philippines - the biggest celebration of the year.

But all those feelings suddenly disappeared when Marlou asked me if I wanted to have my Christmas gift now or later. I told him I wanted him to give it to me onstage later. He refused and told me that he's shy that other people might see it. I got so intrigued by it so I told him to give it to me now instead. He asked me to close my eyes and he got his present from the safe. When I opened my eyes, a beautiful 6-diamond white gold ring stunned my eyes. He jokingly proposed to me then I jokingly scrutinized the diamonds before I said "yes", typically me, hahaha! The ring is beautiful and simple yet it’s very ritzy. I don’t like big stones or big accessories, except for my Folli Follie ringwatch.

It’s Christmas Eve and we’ll surely have a very busy evening at the lounge later. Have to make some calls to my family in the Philippines too. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOUR FAMILIES!!!

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