Boxing Day, not an off

Marlou has not been feeling too well lately. He’s been coughing and having severe headaches. So he asked me to help him perform last night. I was more than glad to help him. Anyway, I didn’t need to dance because we only played easy listening songs for 3 sets.

After work, we went to Concorde Hotel with JP and friends to watch the Peach Apple Tree. I ordered a bottle of champagne, anyway that was the only moment I can celebrate Christmas and New Year all at once. After a bottle, JP ordered for another bottle of champagne. I got really pissed that I did funny things that I couldn’t remember when I woke up just today. I think I’ve had too much. Luckily, I got a kick out of the many champagne glasses that I had during the last 3o minutes of the 3 hours binging.

When I woke up just now, Marlou have just arrived from his check-up. I was so happy for him because the doctor said there’s nothing wrong with his heart but only problem with his esophagus. JP was also happy for him that he bought me the portable DVD player I’ve been eyeing a week ago which he asked Marlou to buy for him – to me.

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